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“Hello, My Name is Dr Abhilashaa Dass Mishra. I Have Successfully Completed My BDS, MDS (Conservative Dentistry And Endodontics), Fellowship In Micro Endodontics).

The Story Of My Shift To Skincare Begins In The Tumultuous Period Of My Teenage Years, Marked By The Sudden Emergence Of Painful Forehead Acne.”

“At The Time, My Family Leaned Heavily On Home Remedies, And I Found Myself Applying A Mixture Of Multani Mitti And Curd Or Milk, Tomato Honey Hoping To Dry Out The Breakouts.

However, This Approach Brought No Relief. Meanwhile, My Elder Sister Was Ensnared In An Endless Cycle Of Visits To The Dermatologist For Her Recurrent Acne, Which Did Nothing To Persuade Me Of The Efficacy Of Professional Treatment.”

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“As The Years Passed, I Had No Source Of Information, Leaving Behind A Trail Of Curiosity And Unresolved Questions. 

My Sister’s Condition, On The Other Hand, Persisted, Resilient Against Time And Treatment, As Did Our Mother’s Battle With Hereditary Melasma. 

Her Nightstand Became A Graveyard Of Creams That Promised Much But Delivered Little, As The Dark Patches On Her Skin Mocked Every New Attempt To Banish Them. 

It Was A Period Marked By Fruitless Doctor Visits And A Growing Despair That Perhaps Some Conditions Were Beyond Help.”

“During This Time, My Habit Of Voracious Reading Led Me To An Article That Acted As The Beacon Of Change In Our Lives. 

It Introduced Me To The Critical But Often Overlooked Role Of Gut Health In Skin Conditions — A Revelation That Felt Like The Missing Piece Of A Complex Puzzle. 

With Every Journal And Article I Devoured Thereafter, My Understanding Of The Intricate Ties Between Diet, Gut Health, And Skin Conditions Deepened. 

This Newfound Knowledge Became The Foundation Upon Which I Built Personalized Skincare Plans For My Sister And Mother, Incorporating Dietary Changes And Daily Supplements Into Their Routines.”

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“To My Astonishment And Theirs, The Results Were Nothing Short Of Miraculous. 

My Sister’s Skin Began To Clear Within A Month, And My Mother’s Melasma Patches Gradually Faded, Restoring A Glow To Her Skin That She Hadn’t Seen In Years. 

Encouraged By These Successes, I Pursued A Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology, Trichology, And Lasers, Followed By Certification As A Skin Consultant In London. 

These Pursuits Not Only Expanded My Knowledge Of Dermal Science But Also Equipped Me With Practical Skills Essential For Clinical Practice.”

“Today, As A Skincare Consultant, My Approach To Treating Acne, Pigmentation, And Other Skin Issues Is Rooted In The Belief. 

That Understanding An Individual’s Unique Skin Type Is Crucial. 

Diet Also Plays A Major Role In Good Healthy Skin & Hair. I Have Completed Diploma In Clinical Nutrition. 

Which Helps Me In Guiding Patients With Their Dietary Requirements Which Is Often Overlooked In Skincare Treatment.”

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“The Journey From A Teenager Surrounded By Unhappy Skin To A Professional Dedicated To Healing Others Taught Me That While Products And Treatments Vary. 

The Essence Of Skincare Is Understanding And Nurturing The Skin Barrier. 

Each Client’s Story Is A New Chapter In My Ongoing Journey, A Testament To The Transformative Power Of Knowledge And Personalized Care.”


I Am An Aesthetic Practitioner And Clinical Cosmetologist. I Am Not A Dermatologist. The Online Consultation Is Not Intended To Be A Substitute For Professional Medical Advice, Diagnosis Or Treatment. All Information & Content On This Website Is For Informational Purposes Only Never Disregard Professional Medical Advice, Or Delay In Seeking It. Before Enrolling For Consultation Go Through My Profile And Testimonials Of Clients.

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